Dear Amazing Reader,

Welcome to another blessed week. God’s favour will find you and yours all through this week. Let’s get right into it!

Jesus passed through death to deliver us from the power and fear of death. He came to this world in flesh and blood because he could not die in His heavenly, glorious form. 

He came because He needed to make a public spectacle of the devil and show us one great principle. To help a person through a challenging situation, you may first have to go through that situation yourself. This allows you to see things more clearly from their perspective. 

Often, we go through situations that threaten to break us down and take away our will to live. These leave us sometimes wishing to be anywhere but the situation we find ourselves in. Even Jesus prayed to have the cup of death pass over Him. Only He did not back out because He knew what He was here for. “Christ tasted death so He could show it who is boss by conquering it (it’s like tasting/eating a mountain of food to conquer it).” [*PD] He showed death, hell, and the grave who was boss on their own territory.

We aren’t always privileged like Jesus to know the reason for our storms. So we simply have to trust that ours is prepping us to be stronger people and better equipped to help guide others during their own storms.

Begin to look at your trials through a different lens. You obviously are qualified to handle this (God has given you grace for it). Perhaps God is preparing you to help conquer whatever you’re going through in the life of others. It’s easier said than done but again, you’ve got this!

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Jesus to the world. I pray that You will help me to overcome all of life’s challenges. I pray that Your name will be glorified in all I go through. And that I will be helpful to others during their own struggles as well, whether or not I have been through the same battle before. Please, help me to be an empathetic person, in Jesus Name. Amen!