Hello beautiful people,

On the schedule today is a book that we read recently at our 1nebody book club (you can join us for the upcoming session). So, we are going to review the book and share lessons learnt by some of our members. Shout out to everyone from our book club that has consistently blessed us with their presence! Let’s dive in!

Holy Spirit! This is not a strange name to every and any believer. I bet you can count how many times you call him every day, but I have a question for you. Are you actually aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit and his role in your life? Or has saying his name turned into an unconscious automatic habit that you do? I will speak for myself. I had totally slid into that unconscious mode of just calling the Holy Spirit without an awareness of his presence, power, and role in my life. This book gave me a deep understanding of how much and for how long I had taken the Holy Spirit for granted. The author referred to the Holy Spirit as a person who needs our companionship and urged us to address him and treat him as such.

The timeless book was written by Paul Yonggi Cho. The book has 12 chapters that sit in 175 pages and was published in 1989. That’s 3 decades ago, but it remains as relevant and vital today as it did some 32 years ago. The author makes it clear that believers who have and nurture a steady and strong relationship with the Holy Spirit experience and enjoy the best Christian journey with Jesus Christ. They are privy to the plans of God for their lives and his kingdom through that conscious togetherness with the Holy Spirit. The author gave lots of real-life scenarios throughout the book. He used his own personal walk with the Holy Spirit to describe how respectful and transparent he was with the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t rush out of conversations with him, acknowledges him before & after everything he does, seeks his advice, thanks him, shares everything with the Holy Spirit just as he would a friend, partner, or mentor. The real-life scenarios were particularly incredible to read!

Now, let’s also look at what some of the other members of our book club said and learnt:

The author said communion with the Holy Spirit is the constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit and it is essential for our spiritual wellbeing – Victor Adoghe

When you have the Holy Spirit, you can distinguish between the Spirit of God and that of the devil. Liken this to you, texting your best friend or spouse. Because you know that person and how you converse with them, you will know when someone else is texting you using their phone – Victoria Emmanuel

The Holy Spirit helps us to understand that the Christian faith is not just a religion; it is not just reading your bible, going to church, giving your offering/tithe. It is an EXPERIENCE – Ife Bamidele

To experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you have to be desperate! Even if you have the hands of the biggest men of God laid on you, you still have to genuinely show God that you desire it – Damilola Makanjuola

The book is available online across various e-commerce platforms, and if you need a taste of it before buying, you can find a free preview of the book on google books. However, it is important to stress that this is a book that every believer MUST read to further improve their Christian journey and relationship with God. I pray that you will experience the move of the Holy Spirit this year!

Stay blessed, Dasola