Hello Amazing One,

It’s been a wonderful May for us on the book club. We hope it’s been equally great for you?

Have you had to write an exam whereby you had an incline of the questions before hand? Oh no, we don’t mean that you had to buy questions or engage in any form of dubious activity. Possibly the Holy Spirit led you to a particular portion to read, and then you found questions from the same area. There’s some level of confidence that comes with such an experience, right?

That’s about the experience we’ve been having on the book club. We get exposed to great materials, speak about it as a group, hear insights from others. And almost within the same breathe, we get real life tests from the lessons we’ve learned. Can you imagine the confidence plus joy knowing the devil came too late, because we’ve already been equipped for that test?

We’re currently reading about the Holy Spirit, and it’s been a wonderful experience so far. You are welcome to join us today, 29th May 2021, at 7pm WAT. This link gets you in.

See you!