Happy Children’s day to all our wonderful seeds.

How about we take some time to pray for them today? Don’t forget prayers are like seeds. The moment they are planted, the conditions are right, and it enjoys regular nurturing, you are most likely certain of a good harvest. And perhaps, you’re still believing God for the fruit of the womb, it’s a great idea to pray for other children. Shall we pray?

My dear child, you are redeemed by the blood of the everlasting covenant

You are an eternal Excellency and joy to your generation,

You will live to serve God’s purpose in your generation,

You are light,

You are salt,

You will not know lack nor want,

You enjoy supernatural speed of accomplishment in every area of your life,

You will not die prematurely,

You live a long & satisfying life,

Where your parents stop is where you will begin,

Your going is great,

You will not stumble,

You will not be negatively impacted,

You are a city, set upon a hill, you will never be hidden

I commit you to God, and the word of His grace,

You will forever make Jesus proud in Jesus name.