Hello Amazing One,

Trust you’ve had a great week so far? Wonder if you have listened to Donald Lawrence’s “Restoring the Years” at any point? I always thought it was a nice song until about five years ago. I attended a service at Winners Chapel tagged “Covenant Day of Restoration” and the choir ministered this same song.

For the first time ever, the song came to life. Especially the lines that say “I am the author, the writer of time. No matter how long, things will work out just fine.” It was all I needed from that service. God was saying to me no matter how long I thought my situation had lasted, He had time in His hands, and He was going to flip it in my favour. And guess what? He sure did. God restored the time I thought I had lost.

What’s your situation? Have you lost time, relationships, loved ones, a job…? Whatever it is, God is more than able to restore you.

On this premise, you are welcome to be a part of the Covenant Day of Restoration Service at Living Faith Church (also known as Winners Chapel International) on 13th June 2021. The God of Restoration will be on duty, and you don’t want to miss your restoration package. You could physically be part of a branch of the church closest to you, or join the headquarters online from 6 am (WAT).

Congratulations already on your restoration testimony.