“The Holy Spirit is the performer.”

That was one of the major highlights from Chapters 1-4 of Benny Hinn’s “Good Morning Holy Spirit.” While discussing these chapters at 1nebody’s book club session, it brought to life the function of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.

We got to understand from the author that unlike many perceive, making room for the Holy Spirit is in no way discrediting the Father or Jesus. Rather, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit work in unison, even though they all have their individual responsibilities.

Drawing from the author’s analogy, say the Father has given an instruction to switch on a light bulb, Jesus responds by carrying out the task of turning/ putting on the switch, while the duty of the Holy Spirit is to make the light come on. This is because it is His duty to perform. He performs the will of the Father.

“Good Morning Holy Spirit” is a practical resource that exposes the believer to the workings of the Holy Spirit. It also creates a longing to have the Holy Spirit manifest in one’s life. If He is at work in your life already, there is room for a deeper walk.

The book is available for purchase here, and if you would like to read along with us on the book club, you’re more than welcome. Please send us a mail already.

Praying you God’s presence through the rest of the week.