Hello Amazing One,

Trust your week has been fulfilling? It’s Father’s day tomorrow, 20th June 2021. All over our timelines this week, we caught the subtle and overt reminders about the upcoming father’s day celebration. Today’s showcase edition is dedicated to our fathers and would-be-fathers.

We’ll let you in very quickly. Our gift is nicely wrapped up in a forum you should be part of. It’s called The Builders Forum, led by Pastor Abraham O. Ojeme. The forum has a mission ‘to raise people with the consciousness of making positive difference by taking advantage of their God-given mentality.’

It promotes the reality of living a 360° victorious life; with a focus on building your faith, excelling in the market place (career, business, academics, governance,etc) and having a successful family life. In addition, there are daily devotionals to get your started for the day.

You can’t excel on these fronts, and not be a successful father. Unpack our gift to you, and join the Builders Forum today.

From our entire crew, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day 🎁🎁🎁