Hello Amazing One,

Welcome to another review edition. We’re curious to know if you’ve unboxed your Father’s Day gift…Do you like it already? For the purpose of those who haven’t, here’s another opportunity to do so.

In our last showcase post, we had introduced the Builders Forum, and encouraged you to be part of its community for your rounded development.

One of the tenets of this community is emphasizing the possibility of a happy and godly home. Up for today’s review is the most recent video on the Happy Home series. In this video, Pastor Abraham Ojeme unpacks the components of effective communication in a family setting.

He enjoins couples to learn to communicate effectively with each other, and also with their children. Using the first family (Adam & Eve) as a case in point, he states the devil was able to assess their family because there was a communication gap between the couple; Genesis 3.

Perhaps you’re making good progress in this regard already, you need to keep nurturing your communication. In the Minister’s words, “what you don’t nurture will eventually rupture.”

Do you desire to communicate better with your spouse and children? This video is definitely worth your time, and it’s only about 30 minutes. Don’t forget to share with others.

God’s blessings always