Hello Amazing One,

Trust you are having a wonderful week. We usually don’t have song reviews back-to-back, but it looks like God has a restoration agenda for our readers.

Recall our last post also spoke about restoration. No doubt, God has a plan with this.

The opening stanza illustrates losses, deprivation, sorrow, and a very pitiable situation. But, it doesn’t end that way, respite comes through, as God promises to restore. Not just all the enemy has stolen, but much much more. This assurance follows through in the chorus repeating the same lines- I will restore to you all of this and more.

What was lost in battle

What was taken unlawful

Where the enemy has planted his seed

And where health is ailing

And where strength is falling

I will restore to you all of this and more

I will restore to you all of this and more

This is definitely a song to have on repeat until you are convinced beyond every doubt that your restoration testimony is on its way, all you’re anticipating is manifestation.

Although released over a decade ago, it’s still very potent. Do well to share with as many as need to know that God is more than able to restore whatever has been lost or stolen.