Hello Amazing One,

Welcome to another edition of Review Thursday. We hope your week has been nothing short of splendid?

On today’s edition, we’re reviewing, “The Road Not Taken,” a short film about the life of Pastor Nathaniel Bassey (fondly called PN). The film speaks to his journey from childhood, through adolescence and eventually, adulthood.

It takes the viewer through the series of prophecies that went before PN from childhood until his journey into full-time ministry. Very amazingly, we see how one after the other, God has been making good these prophecies in PN’s life.

This is a must watch for everyone. As a parent, it points out the importance of bringing up your child(ren) in the way of the Lord, identifying their talents from very early on, and helping them to spiritually nurture the same.

As a young adult, it highlights the role of spiritual guidance. It might be tempting to take the popular route along with contemporaries which almost happened to PN, but for the spiritual guidance he benefited from.

Also, as a single lady/guy, how can you know your God-ordained spouse?

Now you know some of the reasons you should watch this wonderful short film. Please do well to watch with others. It just might be the sermon they need right now.

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