Hello Amazing One,

Happy last week of September. Please do forgive this late post, there’ll be no repeat by God’s grace.

Ever heard of Lekki ’98? I heard it for the first time a few weeks ago from Dunsin Oyekan (The Eagle). He mentioned about how it was a great spiritual event, and how God had laid a re-enactment of that event in his heart.

Well, I finally checked up Lekki ’98. If you’re like me who knew nothing about it, I’ll do a brief summary. The programme was themed “Divine Visitation” Lekki ’98. It was hosted by the General Overseer of the Redeeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pst Enoch Adeboye in December 1998.

According to reports, about 7 million people gathered at the Lekki Beach for this all-night revival service, making it the largest non-denominational gathering ever recorded in Nigeria. The presence of God was mighty, which resulted in healings, deliverances and many notable miracles. That single event tore denominational walls and caused a mighty revival across Nigeria.

 As humongous as the crowd was, there was no casualty recorded. In fact, it was also stated that there was no record of missing items. All those who has lost their items eventually recovered them.

That’s a snippet of Lekki ’98. Now, God is set to visit his people again. He has commissioned one of his minstrels, Dunsin Oyekan to organize “The Outpouring.’’ It’s scheduled for 7th November, 2021 at Lekki, Nigeria. Typical with the things of God, this will be greater than Lekki ’98 in all ramifications in Jesus name.

Please pray, plan and prepare to attend this Holy Ghost event. For more information/ updates, do follow theoutpouringlive on Instagram.