Hello Amazing One,

Trust your week has been spectacular? It’s a Song Review Thursday over here, let’s dive in already.

Have you heard The Eagle (Dunsin Oyekan)’s Ascend? It’s his latest song, released only a few days ago.

Ascend expounds on the essence of worship- which is to make the believer more like God. It identifies worship as a spiritual ladder, a gateway to heaven and a connection to the Father.

I worship

The One who sits upon the throne

Until I am changed to same image as He is

In one of our recent posts, we had shared a great lesson from Minister Dunsin, and it’s worth repeating in this post. He had said when we truly worship God, He would in turn minister to us. When we don’t experience this, then we haven’t truly worshipped.

As you listen in and also worship with this God, may you experience sweet fellowship with the Father.

God bless Minister Dunsin for yet another spirited release.