Hello Amazing One,

We’re gradually getting closer to the end of the year, isn’t God wonderful.

A few weeks ago we told you about The Outpouring. Championed by God through His vessel, Minister Dunsin Oyekan, it will be a reenactment of Lekki 1997, by the grace of God.

We’re now about 15 days to the set date of November 7th, and preparations are underway to ensure the program is a huge success. The good news is that wherever you are, you too can be a part of God’s move, and you can be sure of the blessings that will accompany your participation.

You could volunteer in any of the nine service groups, including Ushering, Traffic control, Venue Management. Volunteer meetings have kicked off already, do well to check the website for further information. While most of the service groups would require your physical presence, you could also participate by praying towards the success of the event and/ or giving towards it, if unable to attend physically. Please visit the website to learn more.

Revival is upon us dear one, don’t be left behind.