Hello Dear One,

It’s a DEA edition today🤩 If you are one of those waiting for the release of all ten episodes of Season 2 before you plunge, you’ve got mail😉

It’s been a wonderful experience watching this series, and there are too many reasons to make you like it. First, it is absolutely relatable as major themes come through in all the episodes. From Managing in-laws to Trying to Conceive, Domestic Violence, Courtships, and the very popular ‘Japa’ topic (a Nigerian slang used for people who want to leave the country at all cost).

Second, it is absolutely hilarious. Setan Rhodes sure has jokes, and Grace’s contagious laughter gets you laughing before you get the joke yourself.

Episode after episode, the producer does a good job with the suspense making viewers eagerly anticipate the next release.

This is certainly one series you won’t get tired of watching. So, whether you are binge watching or watching per episode, hurry along to Laju Iren’s channel for some DEA goodness.

Thank you Laju Iren, Ama Psalmist, and the entire cast and crew  for blessing the world with this. While we wait for the next season , we’ll keep busy with seasons 1 and 2.