Hello Amazing One,

We are delighted to have you join yet another exciting edition of Review Thursday. Up for review today is a book by Mike Murdock that guides the reader towards discovering his/her assignment. Come along with us.

‘Assignment,’ here refers to one’s God-ordained purpose; the reason for which God has you here on earth.

Mike Murdock through this short, yet impactful piece identifies seven signposts that could guide one towards realizing this assignment.

  1. Your assignment is any problem you were created to solve on earth
  2. What you love is a clue to the gifts and wisdom you contain to complete your assignment.
  3. What you hate is a clue to what you are assigned to correct.
  4. What grieves you is a clue to something you are assigned to heal.
  5. If you rebel against your assignment, God may permit painful experiences to correct you.
  6. Your assignment will require seasons of preparation.
  7. You will only succeed when your assignment becomes an obsession.

As you meditate on these pointers, we trust God with you to find answers concerning your assignment. It sells for $7.00 on Amazon. Do well to get yourself a copy.