A very happy thanksgiving to our American readers. May your thanksgiving ascend to God as a sweet memorial, and may you always have reasons to rejoice in Jesus name.

Welcome to another review edition. Heaven has kissed the earth once again. Wait for it…The Eagle, Dunsin Oyekan has released yet another revelation.

One-on-One was released on 21st November 2021. The song extols the Heavenly Father’s ability to meet us at the point of our needs, as many as we are on earth. The current global population is estimated at about 8 billion; yet, God knows us personally and relates with us one-on-one. What an awesome God!

As faces are different, 
So our needs are, 
We have a Father who is capable of reaching us one-on-one

Hurry along to Minister Dunsin’s YouTube channel to soak in this revelation.