Hello Amazing One,

Welcome to February; your month of unstoppable progress. This month, you will enjoy the speed of the Holy Ghost in all you do in Jesus name, Amen.

It’s our first book review for the year, and it’s a book we recently completed on the 1nebody book club.

Steve Farrar’s Finishing Strong is indeed one of its kind. It keeps you constantly examining yourself as you read through the ten chapters. Yes, the title gives you an idea about the content, but, you would have to read through the book to understand the importance of finishing strong.

From Biblical examples, and contemporary ones, the author highlights four categories of finishers- cut off early, finished poorly, finished so-so, and finished well. Some Biblical examples of persons who finished well were: Joshua, Caleb, Abraham, Job, Daniel, and our Lord Jesus.

Although the statistics are frightening, it is also enlightening. It wasn’t a title I would have picked up, but thanks to 1nebody book club, I’m happy I got to read this book.

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Furthermore, the author shares lessons from the four categories of finishers. He speaks to the decisions, circumstances, events and conditions that resulted in these different endings. Worthy of mention are those who finished poorly, because they thought themselves too good to be cautious.

Although men are the target audience of this book, women and young adults can also learn from it. In fact, it helps you know how to pray against impediments that may prevent the men in your life from finishing well.

If you would like to live a lasting legacy after your time on earth is over, and also hear Jesus say “well done, good and faithful servant,” you should read this book. It’s available on Amazon. It’s also a nice gift idea for the men in your circle.

Steve Farrar is a speaker, author and minister of the gospel. His ministry is targeted at raising men to be godly examples in their homes and in the society at large.

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