Hello amazing one,

Trust your February has been phenomenal? Welcome to another review edition, it’s always a pleasure to have you here.

Dear one, best believe God has vessels in this generation. One of such is Minister Dunsin Oyekan. If you’re yet to attend any of his worship sessions, you are in the right place.

Minister Dunsin hosts the Upper Room Experience, where he leads people in a time of worship. He would usually say the purpose of worship is not to ask for things, but to become who we worship.

In this edition of Upper Room, he speaks emphatically on the need for believers to live in obedience to God, and promptly so too, because at the other end of your obedience are the lives of others.

Bearing this in mind, we must move when God says to do so. Fear may creep in, but you only need to take that step of faith.

If you want to experience God in worship, this video is highly recommended. Perhaps you have also been in need of clarity before stepping out in faith, this is certainly one of the resources you need.

The Upper Room Worship Experience holds almost every week in Abuja. It’s also just recently been extended to Lagos, where it holds monthly. However, the sessions are usually streamed live through Dunsin’s social media handles.

As you adopt this lifestyle of worship, may you become more and more like the One you worship. Amen.