Hello Dear One,

Special greetings from our book club community.

We know you have been meaning to join us for the longest time, but certain events beyond your control have kept you away. We can definitely relate with this struggle, but that’s why we’re here again to remind you about our meeting which holds at 7pm (WAT) today.

You’re probably asking, What does this community entail anyway? We are a group of believers from across the world, who believe in the finished work of Christ. We know His work affords us victorious living here on earth. However, we need to be intentional about discovering and walking in the reality of our victory. And this is only accessible through knowledge.

In this community, we glean from spiritual resources, discuss learnings from them, and also pray together.

Sounds like a community you’d want to be a part of ? We thought so too🙂We look forward to having you join us today. This link gets you in.