It is another beautiful week, good to have you back here again. I hope you all had a great weekend. Let’s get right to today’s message!

What does it mean to ask? I believe the meaning is quite obvious and the act itself is quite simple, wouldn’t you agree? But somehow we would rather stay quiet, act like all is clear, and we have things under control rather than ask. Maybe I am speaking for myself but most times the simplest and most obvious things to do are what we find hardest to do.

There are several promises in the bible that evidently reflect the true meaning of the word. “Ask and it shall be given unto you” (Matt 7:7), “to him who is able to do more than we ask” (Eph 3:20), “if you lack wisdom, ask God” (James 1:5), “whatever you ask for in prayer, believe you have received it” (Matt 11:24), “when you ask, you do not receive because you ask amis.” These passages are evident that when you ask, you receive an answer or in reverse, before you can get an answer, you need to ask. The answer could be a gift, an instruction, an explanation, a revelation, or direction. Whatever it is, it might not be what you expected but it doesn’t change the fact that you ask, you receive. God will not give us the silent treatment, because even when we do not receive, we are told it is because we have asked amis (James 4:3) and this is when we must depend on the Holy Spirit to intercede for us (Rom 8:26).

So, what does it mean to ask? Asking comes from a place of genuine interest. There is an intention to every request and a tone to every question. Are you asking because you genuinely want to receive, whatever it is, or you already have a list of answers in your head, that if not met, you simply ignore the response? According to Cambridge dictionary, to ask is to “put a question to someone or to request an answer from someone.” So, if you want an answer, you have to ask, you can’t wait around and make assumptions or believe that the answer(s) you seek would come to you somehow. Yes, God knows all but he has instructed us in so many scenarios in his word to simply ask him. I believe if it is not important, we would not be constantly instructed and reminded to do it. So, we need to take steps in asking with the right intentions and attitude. We also have to take this same approach in everything we do, be inquisitive enough to get to a dream, to reach a goal. No room for assumptions and just waiting around. When you don’t understand, just ask the heavenly father and be sensitive to his leading.

God bless,