Happy Easter everyone! We are sorry we missed the post on Saturday. May we experience the power of His resurrection, Amen.

In continuation of last week’s meditation about overcoming distractions, today’s message is to remind us that no matter how much we want to overcome distractions, we are human after all. We see this in 1 Kings 19:1-4 when Elijah was fleeing Jezebel’s death threat, he was ready to give up as he asked God to let him die. I find this particularly relatable because Elijah was the one that had just called down fire and rain a few moments before this situation came to be. He was the one whom God never let go hungry throughout the years of famine. He was the one that God had just used to shame the prophets of Baal and show the people who the sovereign God is. It is incredible to me how that same person could allow their trust and faith in God to fail them, just some moments after the wonderful things they had seen God do for them and through them.

Another fascinating story in this theme is in Matthew 14: 22-23 when the disciples saw Jesus approaching them walking on water. Peter literally asked Jesus for this encounter, he had faith enough to step out and walk on water toward Jesus. But then, what happened? He let the situations surrounding him determine his level of faith and started to sink.

Failing or going weary is not some weird, unusual concept that believers are immune to. The fact that you are now in Christ does not make fainting unheard of (Isaiah 40:30). It also doesn’t mean that you love God less or that your faith in Him is not strong enough, it just means YOU ARE NOT GOD. Isaiah 40:28 says only God can go for eternity without growing tired, weary, frustrated, or scared. He is God. And that is why we need to stick with Him daily.

I did not complete the two stories I started with, and the finish is the most important part. The reason I used those scriptures as the anchor is not just to point out that Elijah and Peter were tired, scared, or that it is ok if we feel that way sometimes too. However, what I want to point out is that they called on God, that is how the stories ended. Elijah knew his faith was failing him and even though he asked for death but he went to God with his weakness, he let God know he was incapable of doing what he has sent him to do. Same with Peter, he cried out to Jesus to help him when he started to sink. They both realised and acknowledged the place of God in their situations.

Go to God in prayer, constantly acknowledge His place and let Him renew your strength (Isaiah 40:31). Let Him know what is weighing you down. Don’t beat yourself up because you are doubtful, God does not leave you because you had a wavering moment. Instead, He comes to your rescue like He did for Elijah, Peter and so many others. He gives you what you really need to stand firm through the journey. My belief is that we have those doubtful moments so that we can be reminded of our position and God’s. That we do not become arrogant and think it is by our power or knowledge but to constantly go back to God, who is doing these wonderful things through us, for guidance. We must seek and find Him daily.

God bless,