Hello Amazing One,

Trust the new month has been nothing short of wonderful for you and yours? Wonders, new mercies and grace will continually be your experience, in Jesus name.

Speaking about God’s love and mercies, Nigerian Gospel artiste, Moses Bliss, testifies about this through his song, Taking Care.

The seemingly simple lines convey deep reflections, which brings the Minister to a conclusion that the grace of God is all he’s enjoying. The chorus states:

Jesus is taking care of me
Oh oh oh
Jesus is looking after me
Jesus is watching over me
I’m shining because
Jesus is taking care of me

How about you take out some time to think about God’s blessings that you enjoy. Think about all the prayers He’s answered, your thoughts that He makes good. How about sending you that word that you needed out of the situation you found yourself.

Have you considered the natural elements? The sun, moon, stars which never fail to be. Think about the deliverances, provisions, and favour he’s brought your way.

A thoughtful heart will lead you to a safe conclusion that Jesus is taking care of you.

This song was released towards Minister Moses’ birthday in 2021. In his words, “it is a summary of the testimony of my life.”

You should soak in this testimony and let it become your mantra too.

God’s blessings always,