Hello Dear One,

Another weekend is here. Trust you are getting a well-deserved rest as you re-strategize for the coming week.

Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, are you ready? God has remembered you for good.

On today’s Showcase edition, we’re letting you in on the revival fire that is sweeping across Nigeria (and the world, one step at a time) through one of God’s voices in this generation-Dunsin Oyekan (the Eagle).

The Outpouring is happening in Ilorin, Kwara State on 22nd May 2022. The convener, Dunsin Oyekan will be in Ilorin alongside other ministers- Bishop Francis Wale Oke, Apostle Orokpo, Pastor Elijah Oyelade and Minister Victoria Orenze.

You don’t want to miss getting drenched in the showers. Please stay tuned to Minister Dunsin’s Instagram page for updates. Volunteering opportunities are also available. Please plug in however you can.

Revival is here! The devil is in trouble.