Hello Dear One,

It’s the last Thursday in May 2022. The months seem to be going by rather quickly, right? In a few days, we’ll be welcoming the new month of June. Blessed be the Lord!

I heard one of my pastors define tribulation as trouble in every nation. It does appear that every nation of the world is having its fair share right now. The vulnerable are getting even more vulnerable, and there is no safe spot any longer.

But, no matter how difficult it gets, God always works it out for the good of His children. That’s what this song tells us. The chorus has simple lines, yet conveys so much faith:

 God will work it out 
God will work it out 
One thing I know, One thing I’ve found, God will work it out 

I don’t know the situation you are currently faced with, but this song is one of the faith boosters you’d need to remember that God is working it out for your good.

God will work it out was released in June 2021. It is available on all streaming platforms.

With all the faith you can muster, can we declare the last line of the song in faith- I know God is working out. Amen.