Hello Amazing One,

It’s the last weekend in May 2022 💃🏾🕺🏾God is absolutely deserving of all our praise. He’s kept us in perfect health, preserved our souls, provided for us, protected our going out and coming in, given us daily benefits…

If you’d take some moments to think about it, you’d see reasons to appreciate God. It’s true that you’d expected that big break to have happened by now, but best believe God is behind the scenes working it all out for your good.

On 29th May 2022,all the branches of Living Faith Church will be having the May thanksgiving service to appreciate God for His innumerable blessings all through the month. It would also double as a New Dawn Banquet service. Typical of a banquet, there will be tons of goody bags for each one. This time, you’d require your faith to pick up as many goody bags as you require.

Please locate any branch of the church closest to you, or join the headquarters online from 6 AM (WAT). Come with a heart of gratitude to sincerely appreciate God for His blessings through the month and invite others too.