I trust that you are having a wonderful week so far and enjoying the goodness of God.

On review today is a very simple song called chain breaker by Zach Williams. I like this song because it reminds me that God is on the opposite end of every trial and tribulation we go through. The chorus of the song says;

…if you have pain, he is a PAIN TAKER

if you feel lost, he is a WAY MAKER

if you need freedom or saving, he is a PRISON-SHAKING SAVIOUR

if you have chains, he is a CHAIN BREAKER

zach williams

Songs like this come from experience of God’s faithfulness. I remember one of my pastors said “you can’t call God what you don’t know him by.” It is actually not that you can’t but, there are some names that you call God that just come purely from your experience of his wonder. Names that hold deeper and personal meanings to you because of your encounter with God. What names do you call God?

You see this beautifully represented in the inspirational video of this song that was shot at a maximum prison. You will appreciate and experience God’s faithfulness and power just watching what the names meant to the inmates that were featured in the video.

So, don’t worry, your pains are valid because God is on the other side of it. He will take the burden off you because that is what he does.

God bless,

1nebody Team