Hello Amazing One,

Happy new month once again. Trust you are positively expectant of the great things God is yet bringing your way before the year runs out. You are not losing hope, I believe? It doesn’t matter that there are four months left in the year, God can still do above and beyond what you ask or think.

Perhaps you have done all within your capacity to achieve those goals but nothing seems to have changed. Hosea 12:13 states, “And by a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved.” From this scripture, we see that Israel was delivered from Egypt because of the prophetic grace upon the life of Moses.

Having done all you can, you may only need a greater unction to push you into your next level. All through September 2022, Winners Chapel International will be having prophetic services across its church network. This begins from tomorrow, 4th September which is tagged Supernatural Turnaround service.

You are welcome to join the International Headquarters from 6 am (WAT) every Sunday or join the branch closest to you. An expectant heart is all you need to partake of the blessings that will be declared upon you.

Remember, it is not over until you win.

God’s blessings always

1nebody Team

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