Hello, amazing people,

I hope you had a good weekend. It’s a new week and we are thankful for your lives. On the back of our 5th-year anniversary, we bless God for a great community such as yourselves, we are grateful for your support, and thank you for always coming back.

Today’s meditation is from 1 Kings 1, the story of Adonijah, one of David’s sons, who appointed himself King without consulting God or his father. I find this strange because they are the most important people he needed to seek out for his royal ambition. This is where he would have received valuable advice and direction. Instead, he went to royal officials, which I believe he did because they are people he could easily persuade or buy their support.

I will not assume that we all know the story, and so I’ll tell you, it didn’t end well for Adonijah. He never got the throne he was pursuing and he ended up losing his life. What then is the place of consultation? I believe it is a place of wisdom and that was one thing Adonijah lacked compared to his brother, Solomon, who became King in his stead.

Adonijah’s story taught me that you can never be wiser than God. Proving smart with God is wasting your time and resources in doing what you think is right. When you should have directed those to where God wants you, if only you had enquired from him before making any plans and decisions.

Another big takeaway from this chapter is from 1 king 1:6. This shows me the importance of constructive criticism. Perhaps Adonijah didn’t think he was doing anything wrong or that he needed to do anything differently because the bible says “his father had never rebuked him by asking why do you behave as you do?” But constructive criticism is a benefit of consultation. Sometimes, you don’t gain insight or direction until you enquire and seek out people who know better than you. And it takes wisdom to consult God in all that we do.

God bless,

1nebody Team