Welcome to another #ReviewThursday. We hope you’ve heard a stress-free week and have enjoyed the presence of God in your affairs this week. Today’s review is on that, dwelling in the presence of God.

We are looking at a sermon titled Family of Faith by the Senior Pastor, Tope Koleoso, of Jubilee Church UK. The pastor refers to the church or the gathering of the people of God as the Family of Faith. He expressed how much God loves families and how he constantly works through families. Why? The Senior Pastor used a powerful illustration at the start of his sermon to drive home this point.

It was the story of a little boy, in a foster home, who was asked by a journalist what he wanted. The boy said he wanted a family or just a mom or dad or just for anyone to pick him. Like this little boy, God is looking for a dwelling place not out of lack but out of an overflow of his love for us (Gen 3:8). God wants a family, he wants to spend time with us and dwell amongst us.

The pastor highlighted 3 main purposes of the church:

  • A dwelling place for God,
  • A maturing place to learn and know about God,
  • A family of God

Worshipping God evokes the presence of God in our midst. And we are encouraged to stop looking to our needs but instead, make getting to know God our priority above our needs because faith works best not when you’ve learnt it as a formula but when you’ve learnt it in the context it should be used.

To better understand the church and how the church should function, Pastor Tope illustrated the structure of the church using a pyramid. At the top is God because it is all about God. Then comes, over at the left angle, discipleship, which is us, the family of Christ. Discipleship in this structure is following and getting to know God. Lastly, unbelievers. At the right angle of the pyramid is mission, which stands for evangelising and telling people about God.

With this in mind, I want you to think about the question the pastor asked, what is your role in the church? Pastor Tope identified 5 roles in his sermon and you can learn more about those by watching it but before you do, I would like you to take a moment to think and answer the question.

God bless,

1nebody Team