Hello Beautiful People,

Blessed day to you and yours. Guess what?!!! Hallelujah challenge is back! Yes, we are also as excited as we think you are. 💃🏾🕺🏾 This time, it is back and better. Why did we say that? Because it will be a two-part session tagged “Double Portion” (Isaiah 61:7). It will be a 22-day hallelujah challenge split in two. The first part will start in October, from the 17th to the 26th while the second part is in November. Awesome right?! 

You can get all the details on Pst Nathaniel Bassey’s page but be sure to get updates on here as well. Are you expectant? It will sure be a magnificent way to end the year. So, look forward to a time of worship and praise to our Heavenly Father. He alone deserves all our praise.

God bless,

1nebody Team