Dear Reader,

I hope you are doing exceptionally well today. I pray that you will continually enjoy the presence of God and that his Spirit will abide with you day in and day out as we near the end of another year, Amen!

I don’t have a lot to talk about today. I am just here to challenge you by asking you, what bold steps are you taking? What plans have you put on hold since the start of the year? What decisions have you been going back and forth over? As Joyce Meyer said in one of her sermons, excessive reasoning prevents discernment and causes confusion. You just have to make that decision in faith because God has commanded us to have courage and has promised he will be with us (Joshua 1: 3-9; Jeremiah 1:8). Take that bold step today!

Make strategic decisions in the few weeks we have left in 2022, I want you to be intentional and step out boldly into God’s gift for you this year. Whatever is holding you back, let it go at this moment, cast your cares on Jesus, and move forward in faith (Romans 8:28; Psalm 16:6).

God bless,