Hello People,

I hope you are well and enjoying your week so far.

The video on review today is an unusual one but there were lots of learning points for me and I thought it would be nice to share with you all. I also think it will be interesting to hear your opinions in the comment section.

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye is the second son of popular Mount Zion movie productions founder, Mike Bamiloye. For those of you that don’t know, Mount Zion is one of the biggest Christian movie production companies in Nigeria. Ok, back to the review. Joshua does this reaction and lessons videos on his Youtube channel. And the title of the actual video I am reviewing is “Apostle Edu Fires at a DJ during Wedding.” So, apparently, there was an issue at one Apostle Edu’s wedding (I personally don’t know who he is) that became controversial and Nigerian twitter went ballistic.

I am not going to get into the full details. What I want to draw out is Joshua’s powerful message in all of this unnecessary chaos, STOP COMPARING CHRISTIAN SONGS. The message is very simple and Joshua went further to give some very valid and relatable points. First, he identified what a Christian song is supposed to do such as praise, worship, or connect with God. Then he went ahead to lay out his points based on these purposes. One was that the different genres of music also apply to Christian songs. So, one song is not more spiritual than the other, they just serve different purposes that are all beneficial to the body of Christ. Another important point he made was to stop making your own preferred genre the superior one and thus invalidating or looking down on other types of Christian music.

Honestly, I think you should just watch the video to have a good understanding of the learning points because I believe Joshua explains it perfectly well. Do you think Christian songs are the same? Or do you think they are incomparable because they serve different purposes? I would love to get your take on this topic.

God bless,