Hello Amazing Reader,

Trust you are well? Did you have a great weekend? It’s a new week! Rest assured God has gone ahead of you to make every crooked path straight in Jesus name.

In Mark 16:1-7, we learn a significant faith lesson from three women- Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus and Salome.

These three women had followed Jesus until He was crucified. They decided to anoint his body, and as they went, they asked each other, “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?”  Mark 16:3

What a valid question. They knew the stone was there. In fact, they were present when it was used to shut the tomb. Yet, they purchased the spices to be used and took a further step of faith by heading towards the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body

Can you imagine what must have been on their minds? They were certain that they would get to anoint His body regardless of the stone. Miraculously, when they got there, they realized the stone had been rolled away and an angel announced to them that Jesus had risen from the grave. (Verse 5)

Let’s attempt a converse narrative with Mary the mother of Jesus leading the conversation.

Salome and Mary it would have been nice to anoint Jesus’ body, but we cannot because there’s a large stone covering his tomb. It wouldn’t make any sense going all the way since we can’t gain access.”

They would have been justified, right? Perhaps so. But they wouldn’t have been the first witnesses of the risen Christ if they hadn’t stepped out in faith.

What’s that obstacle preventing you from moving forward? Receive grace to step out in faith today, and watch God bring His word to pass in your life in Jesus name, Amen.

God’s blessings always,