Hello Amazing Reader,

Happy Thanksgiving to our American tribe. Only shouts of joy and victory will be heard in your homes in Jesus name 🎷🥁🎶

Asides the wining and dining, we encourage you to take out time to deliberately appreciate God for His loving kindness and tender mercies that you have enjoyed this year.

Yes, you may still have a couple of things to close out on. But, there’s no denying that God has been good to you. How do I know this? You have lifethe most priceless gift ever.

Perhaps you had hoped to share some news with your family at today’s thanksgiving, but nothing has changed and you are pensive because you don’t know what to say when you’re asked. How about you respond with this song? God has done too much for you, including those blessings that are yet to physically manifest.

Today may not be an official thanksgiving day in your part of the world, but you have surely tasted of God’s goodness.

Can we all join Terry MacAlmon in this song, as we praise God for all He’s been to us.

I just want to praise you Lord
I lift my hands and say I love you
You are everything to me and I exalt your holy name

Meanwhile, let’s hear your testimonies in the comment section. What are you grateful for?

God’s blessings always,