Hello Amazing Reader,

Happy New Year once again. It’s surely going to be your best year yet in Jesus name. Thank you to our returning readers for engaging with us again this year; and to our new family, you are welcome! We are excited to have you. We trust God that He’ll always send you a timely word from this platform, all through this year and beyond in Jesus name.

For you, as a member of this family, God is speaking to us today from Zechariah 2:5. “For I, saith the LORD, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her.”

When God is a wall of fire about you, you enjoy total safety and maximum security. You are literally untouchable. I once heard an illustration from one of my pastors that has stayed with me. Can you imagine how ants will be all over a jar of sugar left open and unattended? Now, imagine the same jar of sugar (still open and unattended), but this time over a fire. What ant will dare that? None right?

You are a precious child of God, and your Father has promised you a comprehensive security package. Be conscious of this and know for sure that through this year and beyond, you will not suffer any form of harm in Jesus name. Not just that, the glory of God rises upon you, and when this happens, shame is completely eradicated. This is your testimony this new year in Jesus name. Shall we pray?

Dear God, be a wall of fire round about me (and all connected to me) this new year. Be my glory as well, and let everything that communicates shame be taken far away from me in Jesus name. 

God’s blessings always.