Hello 1nebody Community,

I hope everyone is doing well this evening. We are almost at the end of another week and we thank God for life. He remains faithful.

On review today is this song by Greatman Takit, a Nigerian Gospel artiste, titled ‘Look What You’ve Done.’ I’d like to reconnect this song to the #MeditationMonday post I wrote a few weeks back, taking a cue from Psalms 9:1 that says I will tell of God’s wonderful deeds because that is what this song is all about, being a testifier. It is easier to complain and get fixated on the problem but this song is the kind you want to be listening to when you find yourself in that state and that is why I love it. The song uplifts your spirit and reminds you that our God is not a God of coincidences or mistakes. Everything and anything you are experiencing or going through has been carefully planned by Him. That is how much He loves YOU and ME. So, look at what He has done already and you will testify that, indeed, God is good.

The song was released in 2022 and since then, Greatman Takit has done a remix where he did a rap verse which I thoroughly love. When listening to this song, I would love for you to carefully and closely listen to every word he is saying in that rap verse because it is so powerful. The play on words is just, divine! This song is a song of gratitude, freedom, and a testimony that are all woven into one massive love song to God Almighty. The song is a ‘Come and See O’ moment where the artiste is simply rolling out God’s track records of ‘marvelousness’ (not sure there is a word like that) and wonders.

My eyes are open to see
My ears are open to hear
And my mouth is open to speak of your love

So, the end of the matter is, YOU ARE HIS. Yes, YOU!

God bless you as you listen,