Hello Amazing Reader,

I hope your week has been great. The Oasis International Conference has been a tremendous blessing since it commenced earlier this week. It’s themed, the Hand of God and the ministrations so far have been centered around this theme.

In Pst William McDowell’s session, one of the revelation that stuck with me was, you cannot truly celebrate the hand of God and not experience its manifestation.

This context is necessary to introduce the song we’re reviewing today. Owo Oluwa by P.Daniel Olawande is a song that celebrates the hand of God.

Owo Oluwa is a yoruba phrase that means, “the hand of the Lord.”

The chorus goes:

Owo Oluwa nbe l’ori aye mi
(the hand of the Lord is upon my life)
O n gbe mi fo
(He makes me soar high)
O n gbe mi sare
(He grants me speed)

The lyrics are inspired by the story of Elijah. God’s hand came upon him and caused him to outrun Ahab’s chariot. 1 Kings 18:46 states, “And the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah…”

As you celebrate the hand of God with this song, get set to experience its manifestation in your life.  The new year, 2024 is only a few weeks away, but I believe God with you that you’ll experience the hand of the God of speed in your life within these few weeks. You will not see wind, nor rain but that valley will be filled with water, in Jesus name.

Owo Oluwa premiered on 19th May 2023, and it’s been a huge blessing since its release. God bless you PDan and Nifemi Olawande!

PS: The Oasis International Conference is still on; I encourage you to join the remaining sessions to learn more about the hand of God.

God bless you,