I can see the whole world  
Worshipping the Lord 
Jesus like a banner 
Raised up in the sky 
Every tongue and nation 
Bowing to the King 
Can you see it? 

Picture this—every creature, from every nation, bowing before Jesus and declaring, Hallelujah! This will be the scenario when Jesus returns.  

Isn’t it interesting to know that as diverse as the languages and cultures of the world are, Hallelujah is the only word that is the same in every language. Talk about the all-knowing God. He plans for every creature to sing Hallelujah in unison on the last day. How wonderful that will be! 

While we imagine how glorious this sight will be, Ministers Dunsin, Matt Marvene, Sheldon Bangera, Joseph Espinoza and Naomi Raine give us a snippet into the future, through this song aptly titled, The Future.  

This song, for me is an heavenly experience.  Since it premiered on April 11, 2024, I have listened to it many times over. It is a huge blessing to the body of Christ. The reminder that we need that regardless of our denominations, cultures, tribe or nation, we are first brothers and sisters in Christ. 

The excellent coordination of the various groups can’t go unnoticed. You’d have to watch this intently to notice that the video is a collage from different locations.  

The Future is track 14 on Minister Dunsin’s latest album, The Great Commission. One thing I assure you is that you cannot listen through this album and not experience a personal revival. I’m yet to fully listen to the album because I’ve been soaking in some tracks 🙂 You’d see what I mean once you get on it yourself.

This is the future! Revival is here, Hallelujah!

God’s blessings always,