Hello Amazing Reader,

Today’s May 30th! Can you believe it? Thank God for His mercies that has preserved us all through the month.

Have you been following the Just us girls series? I have, actually we have because I got my husband into watching it as well😄

It’s been a dramatic, interesting, didactic, and absolutely engaging season 2. All the major characters – Kanyin, Ameh, Jite, and little Miss Ife ended up with men drama.

Kanyin decided to go to a party with her ‘family friend’ Tomiwa and that should have been okay, but she lied to Muna that she was home. Only to find out that she was in the same party where Muna was working.Imagine Muna’s shock seeing her there. I think it’ll take a miracle for them to come back together. This might have been the last straw to break their already fragile relationship.

Sister Ameh was another major highlight of season 2 for me. She revealed different shades of herself. We saw gentle Ameh, gullible Ameh doing all that Brother Felix wanted her to do (including washing her clothes and cooking for him), and bold Ameh. For the first time, she stood up to Brother Felix and publicly insulted him after he called her an ‘ugly daughter of darkness.’ As if he hadn’t done enough harm, Felix still attempted to rape Ameh. Thankfully, her brother Jermaine came on the scene right on time.

I think I’ve shared enough tea for you to go watch this yourself. It does a good job illustrating what ladies and guys go through in relationships. I also like that it uses such an interesting story line to share the gospel of Jesus.

I’m totally looking forward to Season 3. What has been your best part of the series so far? Please share in the comments.

God’s blessings always,