Hello Amazing Reader, 

I hope you’ve had a great week so far. 

Do you ever find yourself staring at nature? Maybe the skies, plants, trees, rainfall, hailstones, snow, or other elements? 

Something similar happened to Anu Olorunsogo Ebozoje, the author of the book, “God is in the details.”  

While on a flight, Anu looked out through her window seat and was smitten by the beautiful skies. She thought it looked too much like an ice cream, and couldn’t stop starring at them. 

This admiration ignited a deeper awe of God, His magnificence and wisdom. She kept thinking about the Almighty power of God, who not only created the beautiful world which we live in, but has also sustained it since creation.  

Ruminating on these works of God gave birth to God is in the details, which explores some of God’s genius concepts.  

Chatting with Anu on the most recent episode of Season’s podcast, she shares more of the backstory, and encourages the Christian entrepreneur, innovator, or professional, to take full advantage of the mind of Christ that they have. 

Rest assured, you can’t listen to this and not desire the wisdom of God to be more evident in your endeavors. 

God bless you,