Hello Amazing Reader,

It’s our first post in the new month, so we can still wish each ourselves a happy new month 😃🎉 There are so many blessings God’s laden in this month and I pray it all comes to manifestation for you in Jesus name.

It’s an exciting review edition today, plus it comes with a little twist because we’re reviewing a review of T.D. Jakes’ new book, “Crushing.” It’s anchored by Pastor Steven Furtick who interviews Bishop Jakes in a relaxed,jovial setting, without loosing the essence of the discourse.

When you hear T.D. Jakes today, you probably think –successful, effervescent, global man of God who’s got it all together. While you may be right about these current realities, he discusses in this review how at the early years of his ministry, he could barely cater for his family; he preached in a little store -front ; his mother fried chicken and fish just behind the church fence; his resources were so lean that he could not afford a car. You are probably wondering if this describes the same Bishop Jakes you know?

Yes, he’s the same one, but guess what? It was just a stage in his life and he shares how some of these experiences crushed him. This brings us to the preoccupation of the book; crushing is only a stage and not a destination. When God wants to bring out the wine in us, he takes us through some crushing just as the vine dresser does with grapes.

Bishop Jakes encourages believers to admit certain issues did crush them while sharing their testimonies; so that others would know that being a believer doesn’t mean there won’t be tests, but eventually the scars would turn to stars. That is to say, your crushing season may not always be about you-it just may be for the rescue of another person who needs to know his/her situation is not peculiar.

I’m tempted to go on and on, but I’ll let you watch and be blessed for yourself.

I totally enjoyed the video and I’ll certainly get the book soon , I hope you will do likewise.

God’s blessings always,