In our last meditation, we talked about partnering with God. Amazingly, our song review today is also along the line of partnering with God.

You may or may not have this already but Iet’s take a dive, shall we?

While most believers know what the Bible says about seeking first the Kingdom of God and having all other things added (Matthew 6), we often find ourselves caught up on acquiring material possessions. You might have already noticed that the crave for these things are permanently insatiable; hence the never ending cycle.

In this song, Minister Judikay reminds us that a life with Jesus is the greatest asset anyone could ever have and we owe the world this news. Not gold, not silver, not possessions; absolutely nothing is compared to a love affair with Jesus:

Something more than gold, I’ve got something more than gold

If all I’ve got is Jesus, I’ve got something more than gold

I’ll tell it to the world, Jesus is more than gold

The best part of this affair is how He loves us more than we would ever love Him:

It’s such an honor that you call me your own

Shepherd of my life, I love how you love me

The lines of this song are smooth, easy to catch up on and the rhythm does justice as well. It was released by Eezeeconceptz in February 2019.

God bless you Judikay!

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