Hello God’s elect,

It’s the last day of February 2020! Where are the grateful people 💃💃💃🎶God has been mighty good, hasn’t He?

In our showcase edition today, we continue with the testimony of Mr Paul Jacobs, whom God delivered from several years of drug addiction. You could catch-up here if you missed the previous post.

1nebody: How long did this addiction last?

POJ: Interestingly, I had assumed I was not addicted. I thought I could exercise moderation. But guess what? I assumed wrong. It was on for eight long years. I had lost every sense of moderation and even moved on to harder substances like crack and cocaine.

When crack and cocaine got in the mix, it seemed like the beginning of an end. I started having panic attacks, as is typically associated with the consumption of such. I wasn’t eating well. At this point I had left my uncle’s house whom I was staying with in Lagos and moved in with some peers. We were about eight (males and females) sharing a two-bedroom apartment. Then, I got really ill and had to be brought back to my family in Abuja, after spending some days in the hospital.

1nebody: Does this mean you knew the whole time the effect it could have on you in the long run?

POJ: I certainly did, but sadly that wasn’t enough to stop me. The panic attacks continued in Abuja. On a particular day, I became irrational and started breaking things in the house. Amidst this, I managed to ask my mother to take me to church. Immediately, my mother and sister took me to a branch of Living Faith Church which was not far off from where we lived. When we arrived church, a prayer meeting was going on and I was prayed for. I had another bout of irrational behavior but I eventually became calm. Someone who was part of the prayer team advised my mother to take me to a rehabilitation centre and without wasting any time, we headed for the rehab from the church.

1nebody: Were you resistant in any way?

POJ: No. I knew I needed help, so I wasn’t resistant.I spent about three months there and within this period, I met God again. I asked Him into my life and I was ready to begin on a fresh slate. I was enjoying fellowship with the Holy Spirit again and I felt brand new. You would think that was it but when I got out I struggled to fit into the society. My old circle was the only place I felt a sense of belonging but now, my ‘cool’ guys won’t accept this version of me. In order to be validated by them, I relapsed but not entirely. I just stuck to marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes.

1nebody: Did you say not entirely?

POJ: (Laughs). Yes, I was not into cocaine and crack this time. I was by myself one day when I began to feel a strange urge to go to Living Faith Church and join the choir. I couldn’t explain it but now that I know better, I know it was the Holy Spirit convicting me in response to the prayer of the church. Living Faith Church worldwide is invested in praying for souls to be saved and established in the Kingdom of God. Having become a member of the church I have been part of prayer sessions where all we are asking of God is to convict every sinner on the harvest field. Now you agree with me when I say my conviction was in response to the prayers that had been previously made.

Sorry, I digressed but that was necessary. The urge became an unrest in my spirit and it felt like I was hearing voices yet again. I spoke to my sister and a family pastor and they both advised that I should immediately obey.

1nebody: About when was this?

POJ: This was about December 2017 when the church usually holds her annual Shiloh programme. I rededicated my life to Christ during Shiloh 2017 and I have not had a cause to look back since then; God has been sustaining me.

1nebody: Wow. Glory be to God. Has your testimony been instrumental to getting others out of addiction (especially those who were in your circle and those who knew you previously)?

POJ: Indeed, it has. In fact, as we speak some people still find it hard to believe that God could have anything to do with me. The few who have had the opportunity to come close to me have seen the light. To the glory of God, one of my friends who had been smoking for a longer period has also stopped. He worships in Living Faith Church as well and has become dedicated in his walk with God. The others do not live in my city, but I pray for them constantly that the light of God shines in their darkness.

1nebody: Amen to that. What message do you have for the individual reading this who thinks he/she is too lost to be redeemed?

POJ: One song sums up my answer to that, “No shadow He won’t light up, mountain he won’t climb up running after me, No door he won’t kick down, Lie you won’t tear down coming after me” Reckless Love by Cory Asbury.

Really, there’s no such person who is beyond redemption. God delivered me from addiction after eight long years. Yours might be a longer or shorter period; it might not even be a case of addiction, but whatever it is, God is interested in you and He loves you recklessly.

1nebody: Oh wow, what a beautiful reminder. God does love us recklessly. Thank you so much Mr Paul for sharing this with the world. We know for certainty that God who delivered you, would through your testimony deliver several others in Jesus name.

POJ: Amen! Thank you for this opportunity to share my testimony. God bless you.