Dear Child of God,

First, our deepest apologies for the delay in posting this. Forgive us please, we appreciate you in anticipation 🙏🙏

Does it beat your imagination that no matter how old you get as a child of God, God still refers to you as His ‘child?’ Check out John 1:12-13.

Our meditation for the week is centered on having the correct heart posture. God, unlike man sees beyond our actions and weighs our motives. For instance, in the traditional African context, a female who kneels to greet an elder may be termed very respectful just because her knees are bent; that’s because that’s what she portrays right? That said, do you agree that this same lady may be cursing whomever it is she’s greeting in her heart? This is a possibility that she alone is aware of.

With God, He sees and rewards us beyond our physical actions. So, while everyone else is full of encomiums about a person and how well he/she serves God, God is looking to see beyond that. For example, He’s looking to see if you are involved in service just to be seen by others; to use it as a bragging right …whatever the reason may be, God is fully aware.

2Chronicles 25:1-2 talks about King Amaziah, who began ruling at age 25. The Bible records that “… he did what was right in the sight of the Lord…”, but guess what? He did not do so with a perfect heart. That says something right? A perfect heart is what God is looking out for.

“Dear God, please help me to serve you diligently and with a perfect heart.” Amen!