Dear Victorious One,
Welcome to a brand new week, the week the Lord has made for you to rejoice and be glad. It’ll be unto you a week of many victories in Jesus name.

In our last showcase edition, our guest spoke about the ability of the Holy Spirit to teach us on our jobs; help us with the right words; lead us to the right sources of information; these are but a few interventions of the Holy Spirit.

While Jesus was rounding up His earthly ministry, He told the disciples that He had to leave in order to make way for the Divine Encourager; John 16:7 (The Passion Translation) states, “But here’s the truth: It’s to your advantage that I go away, for if I don’t go away the Divine Encourager will not be released to you. But after I depart, I will send him to you.”
Jesus went on to tell that about this promised gift. He would unveil the reality of every truth (Verse 12); He will reveal prophetically what is to come (Verse 13); He will let you into the mind of the Father (Verse15).
That is to say, the Holy Spirit performs a multi-dimensional work in the life of the believer. But being a gentle Spirit, He will only function as far as you let Him. For instance, if you express your desire for His help only in your prayer life, He shows up with His help strictly in that area. He won’t go any further.

One of my pastors usually says, the Holy Spirit is not only to help the believer speak in tongues. He knows all things, He can teach you all things, He is the revealer of all things; so it’s time we stop limiting His ability in our lives. Someone may be wondering, but how can I receive the Holy Spirit? The answer is to ask! Details in our next edition.

Thank you sweet Holy Spirit for you are with me. I am sorry for attempting to limit your ability in my life. Now that I know better, I ask for your help in every area of my life. Lead me, Guide me, Teach me, Encourage me, Enable me, Help my understanding, Empower me…in Jesus name; Amen!