Hello Amazing Reader,

It’s a children-themed edition today. We did celebrate children’s day yesterday, 27th May. Hope you did your best in making it memorable for the children around you-whether or not they are biologically yours.

On a particular children’s day celebration, I think about four years ago. My pastor at the time encouraged parents to read this book. I had never heard of it prior his mention, but I’m glad I obeyed. It’s such a great resource and you’ll agree with me as you follow through 🙂

This 62-page book, captured in three segments is written by a preacher and his daughter. It’s a revised edition, capturing Zona’s testimony of deliverance.

In part one, Minister Norvel Hayes teaches on how to stand in the gap for your children. God had to teach him to love his daughter in a very hard way. His wife had left when his daughter was nine years old and that practically left the little girl broken. She felt betrayed, thus became rebellious and disobedient to her father at every opportunity she got. As a result, she sort out other means to make herself ‘happy’.Her disobedience to her father cost her a lot more than she bargained. At age 19, barely a year after she disobediently got married, her marriage crashed. In no time, she began taking drugs. What a paradox you might say. The child of a minister? Needless to say how much the devil made Norvel feel like a failure and that’s what he does even now. But, God was teaching Norvel how to be a persistent intercessor. He had been praying alright but his intention was selfish. It was more of “what would people say?” ,”how can I preach to others?” He prayed for her in order to save his reputation, until God said to him, “I have to be pleased with your faith before I can do what you are asking.” Does this sound like your situation? You’ve been praying but no answers? How about you check your intention(s) this time.

Zona details how she got herself in a wrong association in part 2. Interestingly, she did it to get back at her father for caring for others more than he cared for her. In an attempt to fill the void of her mother’s love, she resorts to getting the attention of others whom she thought cared about her. These ones led her to many untenable habits: drinking, drugs, party life. Sadly, she watched most of her friends die in very tragic situations. Eventually, God restored her through the relentless love of her father. She saw God’s preservation of her life as a miracle considering what happened to her circle of friends. In spite of all she had done, his arms were open whenever she came home. What manner of love!

Minister Hayes provides a conclusion in part three of this book. He appreciates God for teaching him to love his daughter unreservedly. This culminated in her restoration, Bobby’s restoration (her husband) and the restoration of their marriage.


As an intercessor, you must stand with unwavering faith. It may not happen when you want it to happen but remember that God is never late. Your child/children will be restored.
Your children have angels; pray them into action.
Your faith cannot save your children, lead them to the One who can save them-Jesus. They cannot see God but they see you. They watch your actions and inactions. Do they see Christ in you?
Watch the company your children keep.

Are you a father, mother, aunt, uncle, childrens’ minister in your local assembly or you just have a child you care about around you? I advise you get this book here. It’ll educate you on how to relate and intercede for them better.

God’s blessings always,