Hello Fam,

Welcome, welcome, welcome to a brand new July🎉🎉🎉; it’s also the first month of the second half- your winning half! The faithful God will perfect all that concerns you in this season in Jesus name.

It’s a message review edition today. We thought to share this with you very early on in the month, so you could follow through the rest of the series as it’s unveiled all through the month.

First, it’s important to state that kingdom finances is critiqued in many quarters today because there is a potent transformative force in it. It has the ability to transform anyone from the realm of mere survival to living in the Abrahamic order of wealth.

This message unpacks the purpose of kingdom wealth. According to Bishop Oyedepo, “so much has been taught on the access, while little is known about its purpose.” Hence, this series.

Here are some highlights from the message:

  • Every child of God is ordained to enjoy blessings. Not the kind of riches the world experiences, this one is sustainable and has no sorrows attached.
  • The purpose is what defines our level of access.
  • God is looking for channels through which He will release His blessings.
  • Without a heart for God and the interest of His kingdom, you have limited your access to Kingdom wealth.
  • There is no believer ordained for the middle level.
  • Every child of God has equal access to kingdom wealth.
  • Solomon abused God’s blessings upon his life,because he didn’t know the purpose.
  • If it’s in your heart, it will reach your hand.
  • If you don’t have a heart for God, He does not feel safe putting much in your hands.
  • Anything not done willingly is not acceptable.
  • Don’t wait to acquire all the money, start from where you are.
  • No matter man’s agenda, God’s covenant cannot be stopped.
  • Your involvement is for your profit.
  • Every giving towards kingdom advancement endears us to God.
  • Your seed is not a financial donation to help the church, the poor or a minister; rather, it is a spiritual covenant transaction that empowers believers for heavenly order of blessings.
  • The covenant is not once and for all, it is once and again.

This series would be continued in all Living Faith Churches worldwide. You are welcome to attend the local assembly closest to you, or check this channel to attend virtual services.

Happy new month to you again. Have a favoured ride all through.