Hello Dear Reader,

Thank you for stopping by. We’ve got good news for you👏👏👏👏👏Do you know God wills for you to prosper? Yes, COVID-19 or not. God rejoices in your prosperity and no matter what your current situation is, God has a prosperity plan for you and yours. Please come along.

The following scenario portrays the mindset of many, especially in this season.

God’s child: Dear God, I am sorry I can no longer give to you right now. I mean, my tithes, offerings and all. The economy has been badly hit by COVID-19, my business has been affected and all I have left should just be sufficient for my family and I to pull through this season. When everything is back to normal, I’ll resume my givings. Okay?

God: Remember, it’s my blessings that make rich and nothing else. Moreover, your givings are for your benefit and not mine.

Truth is, we are in a covenant with God and until we play our part, He is not committed to playing His. Are you interested in prevailing under the unpleasant economic condition the world is faced with? Yes, right? Super! How about getting exposed to the secrets of Kingdom wealth at tomorrow’s (5th July) Covenant Day of Business Breakthroughs.

All that is required of you is to kindly locate the branch of Living Faith Church closest to you. Alternatively, there is the virtual option available here. The schedule for the virtual service is: 6am, 7.50 am and 9.40am

It’ll be one service you won’t forget in a hurry because God will be releasing keys to supernatural wealth to you. Please invite all those who care about.

God bless you!