Hello Amazing Reader,

We’ve got good news👏👏👏 Season 2 of our overcomers series premiers today! We showcased a couple of testimonies in the first half of the year and we would be reeling out more in this second half by God’s grace.

Our guest today is one who was in the web of drug addiction for about nine years. He graciously shares his deliverance testimony with us, please see excerpts below:

1nebody: Hello sir, thank you again for honoring this invitation. We’re eager to hear your testimony, but first could you introduce yourself?

VA:  My name is Victor Adoghe. I am 23 years old and the second of three children. I graduated from Covenant University, where I studied Industrial Mathematics.

1nebody: That sounds an interesting course. Apart from solving mathematical problems, what was growing up like?

VA: (Laughs) You know, that was actually a good part of my childhood. I was born into a Christian family and my parents did take us to church with them. But, attending church for me was really another opportunity to hang out with friends and make new friends. So, yes, I was attending church, but I didn’t know the Lord.

1nebody: Would you say that had a part to play in your getting lured into drug addiction?

VA: Yes, it certainly did. I mean, if I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have got myself into drug addiction in the first place. I found myself in the wrong company and I couldn’t withstand the pressure, so I gave in.

1nebody: Can we backtrack to when it all began?

VA:  Sure. I was in my second year in junior secondary school (JSS2), when a friend introduced me to it. I was 14 years old at the time and it seemed a cool teenage behavior. At least, I thought so because many of my friends were also involved.

1nebody: Were you ever worried that your parents would find out?

VA: My mum actually found out. But, that was almost two years later. She tried to talk me out of it, but I felt there was no way I could stop. She prayed, counselled,and encouraged me from time to time, but I paid her no attention.

What I didn’t realize then was that God was using my mom to redirect me to Him. The same year she found out, I began to feel the urge to turn over a new leaf. I really wanted to stop at this point, but I was depending on my will, not knowing it wasn’t enough. I did stop or rather pause. It was quite a long pause though, and everyone around me realized something was happening to this guy. In fact, my school gave me an award for being the most spiritually improved student. It felt good living without it, but like I previously stated, I assumed my will was enough to keep me away from drugs and so in no time, I fell back into it. This time it was a lot worse than the first time.

1nebody: Was this still while you were in secondary school?

VA: Yes, interestingly. The same school where I had been awarded as the most spiritually improved student. I was in my last year in high school when I slipped back into it. Like I said, it was a ‘big’ return. I tried so hard to stop, but I couldn’t. I knew I needed help!

To be continued