Hi Fam,

Have you met Victor yet? He’s been sharing with us how God delivered him from 8 years of drug addiction. He had tried to help himself severally, until he found God and guess where? During a worship session at a summer camp! Don’t miss the details; you could begin with the earlier part of the chat, it’s available here.

1nebody: How did you eventually experience your deliverance and what events led to this?

VA: It happened in August 2019, precisely August 16th. I was at a leadership summer camp, where I was volunteering, and we had a worship session on the last night. Typically, I wouldn’t have been present for a worship session, but I’m sure God had arranged my being there. I wasn’t just present, I found myself lost in worship. I experienced the palpable presence of God like never before. Through that session, the veil covering my eyes fell off, and that night marked a new beginning in my life. By the following day (Saturday), I realized I had not indulged the entire day. I was so excited, I immediately made up my mind to respond to the altar call at church the following day. No, I wasn’t going to have it the Nicodemus way, I decided that I would publicly respond to the call. For the first time in my life, I cared less about what my friends would think of me. Then came 18th August 2019, I rededicated my life to Christ publicly, and I haven’t had a cause to look back, all thanks to the help of God. Plus, the thought alone became so repulsive to me; I knew I had been delivered.

1nebody: Wow, what an amazing testimony! Congratulations, over and over again. How about your friends though? Did you get a chance to share your testimony with them? Have they also turned their lives over to God?

VA: You know, I was so popular in my community that the news of my new life spread so fast. Before I had a chance to tell most of them, they had heard about my testimony. To the extent that, some of them came looking for me, just to verify. They could tell that something great had happened to me, because I kept mentioning God in almost every statement I made. It was then I understood the scripture about light and darkness, not being able to co-exist. Many of them who weren’t ready to give up their ways suddenly stopped speaking to me. However, I still pray for them and I trust God to reveal Himself to them, like He did to me.

1nebody: Amen to that. Do you have any admonition for teenagers, young adolescents and in fact anyone who is currently in the web of addiction but does not know how to come out of it?

VA: From my experience, I realized many people who indulge, don’t exactly like it, but the devil lies to them that they cannot come out of it. Also, some people try to help themselves to stop, like I found myself doing. But, self-will is not enough. The first step is to surrender to Christ, so He can help you. Then, seek counsel from your spiritual leaders- your pastor, a mentor, your parents (maybe), people who won’t castigate you. Also, you might feel you’ve gone too far to return. You know while I indulged, I used to say that one thing must kill a man-smoking, drinking, womanizing… But looking back, I realize it was all the devil’s attempt at making me feel comfortable in the addiction web. You don’t have to be that person. You can be free, there is a way out in God. Can you picture yourself in the next five to ten years, having a family and children? Would you like to see your children see you smoking or high on drugs? The answer is surrendering to Christ. He is the only one that can help you.

1nebody: Hmm, no wonder the Bible says we can do nothing without the help of God. Could you speak to the parent/guardian reading this, who has a child/niece/nephew/ward/cousin/friend in the addiction web? What should such a person do?

VA: My mum was such a blessing throughout the process. I remember her coming to my room at nights, asking us to pray together. Mind you, most of this time, I was high and she knew, but she didn’t stop praying for me. I shouted at her many times and asked her to leave, but she always came back. I can’t imagine if she didn’t persevere.

My first admonition for you dear parent is to be consistent and persistent in praying for that child. Remember God gave him/her to you in the first place- you should surrender that child back to God. Please don’t write your child off because you don’t have the ability to change them. Don’t stop praying; don’t stop advising;  don’t stop encouraging that child. In addition, speak positive about your child. You can’t keep speaking negatively about your child and expect a positive change. Remember, Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Keep speaking positive and soon enough, you would see the effect in your child’s life.

1nebody: Amen!  We believe God that there would be waves of deliverance testimonies all over the world, through your testimony.

VA: Yes, I trust God to make it happen.

1nebody:  It’s been such a phenomenal session, thank you so much for sharing with us. We need to bring this to a close, is there anything else you would like to add.

VA: Oh yes. I’d hoped for this opportunity.  This is especially to teenagers and young adults, your friends determine a lot about your life. A wrong set of friends could cost a person his/her life. It’s not out of place to ask God for the gift of good and spiritual friends, who will sharpen you up, as you do likewise.  Let’s not forget what Jesus said in the Bible that he has the power to lay it down and the power to take it again. In like manner, you have the power to say no to wrong association and take up right and good association. Thank you so much for having me.

1nebody: Very well said,  thank you too for speaking with us. We pray you many more victories as you journey on in Jesus name.

VA: Amen !